Pikeville, Tennessee

Southern Hospitality at it’s best!

Businesses ~ In  and Around the City

Welcome to Pikeville!!

We are Southern hospitality at it’s best and community pride can be felt when you visit many of our small businesses, with many being family-owned!

We hope that while you visit, you indulge in our small-town charm.  Friendly, quaint, engaging and delightful are just a few ways to describe our little town.

For Your Information

Below are a list of businesses (shopping, etc.), in and around the City, that might be of interest to you as you visit our little community.  Our home is your home and we hope you stay awhile!

Auto Zone


Location: 1429 US-127 Bypass, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-6645

Services: Auto Parts


Barndoor Beautyco


Location: 12894 Lower East Valley Road, Pikeville (Just outside the City Limits)

Services: Hair Salon


Coffee Cup Antique Mall


Location: 3112 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-3115

Services: Antiques


Dexter's Barber Shop


Location: 3320 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-2036

Services: Barbershop


Dollar General


Location: 1228 Cleveland Avenue, Pikeville

Phone: 423-600-9207

Services: In-store Shopping


Family Dollar / Dollar Tree


Location: 3499 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-242-7596

Services: In-store Shopping


Fran's Flower's


Location:  298 Cumberland Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-2235

Services: Florist



Hannah's Inn



Location: 3375 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-2424

Services: Lodging


Hill Top Meats


Location: 3089 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-618-1405

Services: USDA inspected fresh cut meats


It's Lola's Antique Store


Location: 3083 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-413-8178

Services: Antiques


Kudzu Cottage

Location: 2552 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone:  423-447-2818

Services: Quilting Fabrics


Lala Lashes


Location: TN-28, Pikeville (just outside the City Limits)

Services: Beauty ~ Eyelashes


Lauren & Bee Photography


Location: Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-326-5407

Services: Photography



Location: 3749 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-2991

Services: Auto Parts


Nickle Row Antique Mall


Location: 3129 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-3510

Services: Antiques


Piggly Wiggly


Location:  3508 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-3288

Services: Grocery


Pikeville Flower Shop


Location:  365 US-127 Bypass, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-3288

Services: Florist


Pikeville Pampered Paws


Location: 22 River View Avenue, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-6155

Services: Pet Grooming


Red Bird Manor


Location: 101 Oreto Alley, Pikeville

Phone:  865-803-5141

Services: Event Venue


Red Bird Mercantile


Location: 3089 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone:  423-447-2700

Services: Women’s Clothing & Accessories


Save Alot


Location: 1391 US-127 Bypass, Pikeville

Phone: 423-447-2390

Services: Grocery


Sells Building Supply


Location: 3275 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone:  423-447-2138

Services: Building Supplies


Southeastern Farmers Co-Op


Location: 41448 SR 30, Pikeville (Just outside the City Limits)

Phone:  423-447-2105

Services: Agricultural Service


Southern Pearl Florist & Home Decor


Location: 223 Cleveland Avenue, Pikeville

Phone:  423-447-2100

Services: Florist


Spring Street Antique Mall


Location: 4015 Spring Street, Pikeville

Phone:  423-447-3520

Services: Antiques




Location: 366 Cleveland Avenue, Pikeville

Phone:  423-447-7388

Services: Fitness Facility


WUAT Radio Station


Location: 3129 Main Street, Pikeville

Phone:  423-447-2906

Services: Radio Station