City of Pikeville

Street Department

Take a step outside, look around, and remind yourself of how great our little town really is.  It’s visually attractive, clean….a safe place to live, work, and play.  Add all those together and it remains a community everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

The City of Pikeville Street Department’s primary functions include the maintenance of streets, sidewalks, and curbs.  We pride ourselves in striving to keep our community in awesome condition.  Our services includes mowing of right-of-ways and easements, repairs of streets including potholes in the pavement, sign maintenance, litter removal, and street sweeping within the city’s jurisdiction.  The Street Department also collects and disposal of brush and cutting trees out of the roads.

The Street Department is also responsible for winter storm and catastrophic event response and will be assisting where there is a need.

Street Signs

The Street Department erects and maintains directional and street name signs throughout the city.  To report sign damage, theft, or request installation, call (423) 447-2919.

Bo Brown

Bo Brown

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Jimmy Knowles

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