City of Pikeville

Water Department

The Pikeville Water Department is committed to providing safe water for residents to drink, supplying water for industries and protecting the region’s water sources..

The City of Pikeville Water Department was established to provide the citizens of Pikeville with a safe and reliable drinking water.

The Pikeville Water Department supplies water to approximately 4,581 people, including residents and wholesale customers.  Water is supplied from wells located throughout the Sequatchie Valley and then processed at the Pikeville Water Treatment Plant.  The well water is softened and disinfected at the treatment plant, and meets or exceeds all federal and state quality regulations.

We provide to the citizens of Pikeville and wholesale customers a plentiful supply of safe drinking water that exceeds all Federal and State regulations at a reasonable cost.

At the Pikeville Water Department, our product is more than water.  Every aspect of contact with our customers is part of our product, including water treatment, distribution, and customer service.

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Stacy Merriman


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Dude Campbell


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Michael 'Doodle' Dempsey


Customer Service:

Phone: 423-447-2919

Fax: 423-447-2028

To Report Water Main Break: 423-447-2919

After Hours EMERGENCY ONLY: 423-447-5555

Physical Address:

25 Municipal Drive

Pikeville, TN 37367

Phone:  (423) 447-2919


How to Pay your Bill:

Via Telephone: (Please have your bill in hand)


Via Mail: (Please mail your stub with payment)

Checks Payable to: Pikeville Waterworks & Natural Gas

City Hall, 25 Municipal Drive, Pikeville, TN 37367

In Person: (Please bring your bill with you)

City Hall, 25 Municipal Drive,
Pikeville, TN 37367

Lobby: 8am-4pm Monday-Friday (Closed Holidays)

Drive-Thru: 8am-4pm Mon-Friday (Closed Holidays)

Drop Box: Located in Drive Thru available 24 hours

Via Online: (Please have your bill in hand)

  • In order to establish, transfer or cancel water service, you will need to contact Customer Service at 423-447-2919, to obtain the forms to be completed.  If you prefer to do business in person, you are welcome to visit City Hall, 25 Municipal Drive, Pikeville.
  • Schedule of Applicable Rates for Pikeville Waterworks & Natural Gas are available here and at our office.
  • Failure to receive a bill does not relieve consumer of payment and penalty.
  • Payment must be in our office on or before the 15th of each month in order to avoid a 10% penalty.
  • If a bill remains unpaid 5 days after the 15th, all services will be discontinued without any further notice.  An applicable re-connection fee must be paid before services are restored.  Any service that is turned off for non-payment will not be turned back on except during normal office hours.
  • No final notices will be sent.
  • Rules and Regulations for Pikeville Waterworks & Natural Gas are available here and at our office.
  • Water Leak Relief information can be found here and at our office.

Quality Water Report:

For detailed information regarding the drinking water in the City of Pikeville, please see our Quality Water Reports. 

Water Report