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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions that are frequently asked regarding Pikeville Wastewater Treatment Plant.  If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact Customer Service at (423) 447-2919.

How do I pay my bill?

You may pay online (Please have your bill in hand)

You may pay by mail (Please include your stub with payment):
Pikeville City Hall, Attn: Pikeville Wastewater/Sewer & Natural Gas, PO Box 225, Pikeville, TN 37367-225.

You may pay by telephone (Please have your bill in hand):
(423) 447-2919, to pay with a Debit or Credit Card (additional 2.75% processing fee).

You may pay you bill in full, in person (Please bring your bill with you):
Pikeville City Hall, at 25 Municipal Drive, Pikeville, TN.

My service is off, how can I get it turned back on?

Was your service turned off for non-payment, or did it just go off?  This may be either a customer service issue, or an outage. The only way to be sure is to ask if anyone else in the neighborhood lost their electric or water service.  If so, report it as a possible electric outage or water main break.  If no one else in the neighborhood has lost service, call (423) 447-2919 for Customer Service.

How do I establish, transfer or cancel my service?

In order to establish, transfer or cancel water service, you will need to contact Customer Service at (423) 447-2919 to obtain the forms to be completed.  If you prefer to do business in person, you are welcome to visit City Hall, at 25 Municipal Drive, Pikeville.

What can I do to prevent sewer back ups?

To help prevent sewer main or lateral issues please do not dispose of household grease, diapers, wipes, or anything other than toilet paper into toilets.

What is F.O.G.?

Fats, oils, and grease from food preparation, packaged foods and food scraps.  FOG is discharged not only by residents, but also by businesses.

Who should I contact if my sewer is backed up?

If you are experiencing a sewer backup, please call (423) 447-2919, and a service crew will come and inspect the sanitary sewer main in your area.  They will contact you and let you know if it is the city’s problem or the home owners problem and advise you on the situation.

How are sewer mains cleaned?

We use a machine called an aquatech to jet the mains with high water pressure.  This machine is also used to unblock any obstruction in the line that may cause a backup.