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Pikeville, Tennessee


In Pikeville, the climate is characterized by warm and muggy summers, short and very cold winters, and a consistent presence of clouds throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 32°F to 87°F, rarely falling below 17°F or exceeding 94°F. Pikeville receives an average of 56 inches of rain and 10 inches of snow annually, with precipitation occurring on approximately 121 days each year. July experiences a high of around 84°F, while January sees a low of around 26°F.

Average Temperatures

The hot season in Pikeville lasts for approximately 3.8 months, beginning on May 26th and ending on September 20th. Throughout this period, the daily temperatures consistently surpass 79°F. July, being the hottest month of the year, experiences an average high temperature of 87°F and a low temperature of 69°F in Pikeville.

During the cold season in Pikeville, which spans from November 29th to February 26th, temperatures remain below 56°F on average. The month of January is particularly chilly, with lows averaging 32°F and highs reaching only 48°F.


The variation in cloud coverage throughout the year in Pikeville affects the amount of sunlight and visibility residents experience. During the clearer part of the year, from June to November, people can expect more sunshine and fewer cloudy days. August stands out as the clearest month, with clear or partly cloudy skies the majority of the time. However, from November to June, the cloud coverage increases, and January is the cloudiest month with overcast or mostly cloudy skies most of the time. This seasonal variation in cloud coverage can impact outdoor activities and daily routines for the residents of Pikeville.


The humidity comfort level in Pikeville is greatly affected by the dew point, which determines whether perspiration can evaporate from the skin and provide a cooling effect for the body. When the dew point is lower, the air feels drier, while higher dew points create a more humid atmosphere. Unlike temperature, which can vary greatly between day and night, the dew point changes at a slower pace. Consequently, even if the temperature drops during the night, a muggy day usually translates into a muggy night.

In Pikeville, there is a noticeable and extreme seasonal variation in the perceived humidity. The muggiest period of the year spans approximately 4.1 months, beginning on May 22 and lasting until September 25. During this time, the comfort level is classified as muggy, oppressive, or even miserable for at least 20% of the period. Among these months, July stands out as the one with the highest number of muggy days, totaling 24.2 days or more. On the other hand, January 31 marks the least muggy day throughout the year, with muggy conditions being practically unheard of.


In Pikeville, the occurrence of wet days varies significantly throughout the year. The wetter season spans from March 20 to August 21, lasting for approximately 5 months. During this period, there is a higher than 33% chance of any given day being a wet day. June stands out as the month with the highest number of wet days, averaging around 12.5 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. 

Following the wetter season, Pikeville experiences a dryer period that lasts for 7 months, extending from August 21 to March 20. Among these months, October is characterized by the fewest wet days, usually around 7.0 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

When considering the types of precipitation, such as rain, snow, or a combination of both, the month with the greatest number of rain-only days is June. On average, Pikeville experiences rain alone for about 12.5 days during this month. Interestingly, rain alone is the most common form of precipitation throughout the year, with the highest probability occurring on June 30, reaching a peak of 44%.


Pikeville experiences significant seasonal variation in rainfall, with December receiving the highest amount of precipitation at an average of 4.7 inches. In contrast, August is the driest month in Pikeville, with an average rainfall of only 2.9 inches.


Pikeville, despite experiencing some seasonal variation, encounters a predominantly snowless period throughout the year. From February 21 to January 2, a stretch of ten months, the town is devoid of snowfall. This extended period awaits the arrival of the snowy season, which lasts for a comparatively short span of 1.7 months, commencing on January 2 and concluding on February 21. During this time, Pikeville witnesses a decent amount of snow, with at least 1.0 inch falling on the ground.

Amongst all the winter months, January emerges as the snowiest month in Pikeville. On average, this month receives a snowfall of 1.4 inches, contributing significantly to the snowy period experienced by the town. The people of Pikeville cherish this time when their surroundings are transformed into a picturesque winter wonderland. However, amidst this snowy enchantment, July stands as the month with the least snowfall. By July 29, the town sees an average total accumulation of a mere 0.0 inches, marking the peak of the snowless period. Pikeville inhabitants enjoy these snowless months, reveling in warmer weather and embracing outdoor activities that are best suited for the absence of snow.


The length of the day in Pikeville undergoes significant changes throughout the year. The shortest day, occurring on December 21 in 2023, only provides 9 hours and 45 minutes of daylight. Conversely, the longest day, observed on June 21, grants Pikeville residents 14 hours and 34 minutes of daylight.


Pikeville experiences a mild seasonal variation in its average hourly wind speed throughout the year. The windier part of the year spans over 6.4 months, beginning from October 29th and lasting until May 10th. During this period, the average wind speeds exceed 4.4 miles per hour. Among these months, February stands out as the windiest month, with an average hourly wind speed of 5.5 miles per hour.

Conversely, the calmer time of year encompasses 5.6 months, starting from May 10th and concluding on October 29th. Throughout this period, the average wind speeds are notably lower. The calmest month of the year in Pikeville is August, where the average hourly wind speed drops to 3.2 miles per hour. During this time, residents can expect a more tranquil and serene environment, with the winds whispering gently against the landscape.