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Heightened Security Measures

Heightened Security

Immediately following the attacks on September 11th, pipelines across America instituted ‘Heightened Security Measures’.  While pipeline companies and employees across the nation are on a heighted state of alert, we continue to monitor and patrol the pipelines regularly via aircraft, vehicles, and/or on foot.

Pipeline companies across the country have been working with the appropriate Law Enforcement authorities to ensure the continued safe operation of our facilities.

Pipelines are accustomed to preparing for catastrophic events, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and we continue to work extensively on preparing for and mitigating any disruption to the service we provide.  For some time, the natural gas industry has been working with federal agencies to prepare contingency plans in case of terrorist attacks.

Again, we are not aware of any specific threats to the U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline infrastructure at this time.  However, we need your help. Please call local Law Enforcement if you see anything out of the ordinary in your area.  Together, we can take precautions that keep America Strong!

Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines

Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines are America’s safest transportation networks.  We have achieved this safety record through the diligent efforts of the gas pipeline industry working closely with State and Federal agencies, and the public.  Natural Gas is flammable.  If it is released, it is not controlled.  It could result in a fire or an explosion.  As an industry, our goal is to improve public safety by continuing to improve our safety record. YOU CAN HELP….


Simply follow these steps:

♦  Be aware of pipelines in your area

♦  Call before you dig

♦  Report unusual conditions

♦  Know what steps to take in an Emergency

Safest Network

Customer Service:

Our Utility Customer Service team is here for you and ready to answer questions regarding your utility account, respond to your emergency, and help you save money.  From Payment Options, Starting a New Utility Service, Disconnecting a Utility Service, Transferring a Utility Service, to providing many other resources,  For all of your utility customer service needs, please visit our webpage: Utility Customer Service.