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The Pikeville Police Department is proud to announce the introduction of a groundbreaking program called “Community Joining Hands” to the residents of Pikeville, Tennessee. This program is built on the principles of community-oriented policing, which seeks to establish strong relationships between law enforcement officers and community members. 

Our Goal

“Community Joining Hands” aims to create a safe and secure environment by encouraging open communication and collaboration between the police department and residents, including local agencies and resources to reduce antisocial behavior and low-level crimes, however, it can reduce serious crimes as well. In this proactive approach to law enforcement, officers will be assigned to specific areas of the city, allowing them to become intimately familiar with the needs and concerns of their assigned community. By patrolling the same area consistently, the officers will have the opportunity to develop personal relationships with the residents, fostering trust and mutual respect.

The main objective of this program is to empower the community by involving them in the problem-solving process. By working hand in hand with citizens, the police department can better understand local issues and find effective solutions together. Through regular meetings, community members will have the opportunity to voice their concerns, provide valuable insights, and actively participate in developing strategies for crime prevention.

“Community Joining Hands” represents a shift from the traditional reactive policing model to a philosophy of full-service policing. Officers will not only focus on maintaining law and order but will also be equipped to address wider community needs. By actively engaging with citizens, officers can reach out to connect individuals with essential services, resources, and support systems.

The Pikeville Police Department firmly believes that this community-oriented approach will lead to stronger and safer neighborhoods. By fostering meaningful relationships and partnership between law enforcement and residents, the department aims to create an environment where everyone feels connected, heard, and protected. Together, we can address issues before they become more significant problems, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for Pikeville.


Periodic meetings will be used to develop programs to heighten awareness of, and proper response to, suspected or actual criminal activity.  Speakers from law enforcement, as well as from a wide range of community organizations can address many topics of interest to the community. Meetings will take place every three (3) months at City Hall. 



The next “Community Joining Hands” Meeting will be held on Monday, January 8, 2024, 6:30 PM at City Hall.

The meeting on January 9th, will be focusing on Fentanyl and the use of Narcan.  EMS Medics will be joining the discussions.

Crime statistics for the period of October 1st through December 31st will also be discussed.

Remember to have your questions, suggestions or ideas ready!!

To review information from past Community Joining Hands Meetings, click the button below.

Community Joining Hands Tip Sheet

The Pikeville Police Department understands the importance of community involvement in combating criminal activity. To facilitate this, they have developed a comprehensive Tip Sheet, designed to simplify the reporting process for citizens. Whether you witness or hear about any criminal incidents, the department encourages prompt reporting. The Tip Sheet offers the option of remaining anonymous, ensuring your privacy is respected throughout the process. Alternatively, if you feel comfortable, you can choose to include your contact information, enabling an officer to follow up with you for further information or clarification.

Accessing the Tip Sheet is incredibly convenient. Simply click on the image located to the right, which will provide you with a printable version. Once you have the sheet in hand, you can choose to fill it out at your convenience. Once completed, you have multiple options for submitting it to the Police Department. Whether you prefer to personally deliver it, mail it, or send it via email, the department accepts all forms of submission.

The Pikeville Police Department understands that some individuals may prefer a more direct approach when providing information. As such, they also welcome the opportunity for you to call or email in your tips directly. This allows for real-time communication, enabling you to share any details or observations without the need to complete the Tip Sheet.

By promoting community involvement and providing various reporting avenues, the Pikeville Police Department aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all residents. Your contribution, regardless of the approach you choose, plays a vital role in their efforts to prevent and solve crimes. So, whether it is anonymously submitting the Tip Sheet, engaging in direct communication, or utilizing any other reporting method, your vigilance and cooperation will undoubtedly make a difference in maintaining the well-being of the Pikeville community.

Email: PikevillePDTips@Bledsoe.net

Mailing Address: 25 Municipal Drive, Pikeville, TN  37367

Phone:  423-447-2919

Criminals hide their activities from Law Enforcement; however, they do not hide from the Citizens.

By working together, we can protect and enhance our Small Town Life.


Tuesday, October 10, 2023

On Tuesday, October 10th, the Community Joining Hands meeting was conducted, and Assistant Chief Decker warmly welcomed all the attendees. During the gathering, he introduced the members of the Pikeville Police Department.  During the powerpoint presentation, Asst. Chief Decker provided everyone with important contact numbers for emergency situations. Additionally, he shared detailed crime statistics from July 1 through September 30, allowing the community to stay informed about the ongoing safety concerns.

The meeting primarily focused on holiday safety and crime prevention. A range of useful tips were shared, covering various aspects such as home safety, handling strangers at the door, ensuring security while leaving for vacations, and post-holiday safety precautions. To demonstrate and emphasize these guidelines, three informative videos on holiday safety were screened, enhancing the understanding of potential risks and prevention methods.

Furthermore, the gathering shed light on four essential awareness campaigns. These campaigns aimed to prioritize the safety of pedestrians, educate young drivers about responsible behavior on the road, emphasize the importance of school bus safety, and raise awareness about the dangers of drowsy driving. By highlighting National Pedestrian Safety Month, National Teen Driver Safety Week, School Bus Safety Week, and Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, the meeting enabled the community to actively participate and actively work toward a safer environment.

To ensure continued community engagement and collaboration, Assistant Chief Decker announced that the next meeting would be held on Monday, January 8, 2024. This upcoming meeting will be held at 6:30 pm in the City Hall Banquet Room, providing an opportunity for community members to gather, share concerns, and work together to enhance the safety and well-being of the neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Assistant Chief David Decker opened the Community Joining Hand Meeting by welcoming everyone and introducing Sergeant Ricky Hodge. The meeting aimed to shed light on the prevalent issue of “Fraud and Scams affecting the Elderly,” a topic of growing concern in the community. To facilitate the discussion, a PowerPoint presentation was prepared, supported by several informational sheets that were distributed to all attendees.

The meeting covered various significant topics related to fraud and scams that specifically target the elderly population. One of the areas discussed was Charity Scams, where con artists take advantage of people’s goodwill and exploit their generosity for personal gain. Attendees were provided with valuable insights into detecting and avoiding such scams.

Another area highlighted was Mail Fraud, a common scheme that often targets vulnerable individuals, including the elderly. Sergeant Ricky Hodge emphasized the importance of being cautious when responding to suspicious mails or providing personal information. The attendees were empowered with practical tips to protect themselves and their loved ones from falling prey to these scams.

The meeting also delved into the alarming rise of IRS scams, where scammers impersonate Internal Revenue Service officials to extort money or sensitive information from unsuspecting victims. The attendees were educated on how to differentiate between legitimate IRS communications and fraudulent attempts.

A representative from Citizens Tri-County Bank highlighted two remarkable incidents where their well-trained tellers successfully prevented an elderly person from falling victim to a potential scam. By swiftly recognizing the signs and acting accordingly, the teller was able to foil the transaction, ensuring that the elderly customer didn’t lose a large amount of money.

Throughout the meeting, the residents of Pikeville actively engaged in the discussion, raising various questions and sharing their concerns regarding the safety of their community’s elderly population. Assistant Chief Decker and Sergeant Hodge addressed each query, providing reassurance and guidance to ensure that the attendees felt empowered and equipped to combat fraud and scams affecting the elderly.

During the meeting, crime statistics for the period of April 1st through June 30th were thoroughly analyzed and discussed.

As the meeting drew to a close, the importance of community collaboration and vigilance was emphasized. Assistant Chief Decker expressed his gratitude to the attendees for their active participation and encouraged them to spread the knowledge gained to their friends and family. By working together, Pikeville residents aim to create a safer environment for their elderly population, ensuring they can live their lives free from the devious schemes of fraudsters and scammers. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The atmosphere at our first Community Joining Hands meeting was filled with excitement and anticipation. It was truly heartwarming to see the turnout and we are grateful to everyone who took the time to attend!

Mayor Cagle began the event by welcoming the attendees and expressing his gratitude for their presence. He then proceeded to introduce a distinguished panel of speakers, which included Chief of Police Ronnie Byrd, Assistant Chief David Decker, Sergeant Ricky Hodge, and Patrolman Tristan Jordan. Each police officer had the opportunity to introduce themselves, allowing the community members to familiarize themselves with the dedicated individuals who protect and serve their town.

The meeting commenced with a PowerPoint presentation that provided valuable information about various aspects of community safety and crime prevention. It was insightful and engaging, providing the community members with practical tips and advice. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of a Tip Sheet, a comprehensive resource that can be used to report criminal activity. This valuable tool will undoubtedly empower our residents to play an active role in maintaining the safety and security of Pikeville.

Throughout the meeting, numerous topics were discussed, giving community members the opportunity to voice their concerns and ask questions. It was heartening to see the level of engagement and enthusiasm displayed by the residents. The police officers patiently listened to each query and addressed them with clarity and compassion.

It was truly a sight to behold, witnessing the residents of Pikeville band together to make their town a safer place. The success of this meeting would not have been possible without the active participation and support of the community. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who attended and made this event a resounding success. We look forward to working together in the future to continue fostering a strong and united community that stands against crime.

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