Pikeville Small Town Christmas

“Picturing Pikeville”

Starting in November, the small town of Pikeville, is reformed into “Light Up Pikeville” with lights and decorations all through the town.  Our small town turns into a scene from a Hallmark Movie!  The culmination of the year’s events is marked by the hometown Christmas Parade through downtown Pikeville. Residents and visitors alike line the streets in anticipation of the parade, with children eagerly awaiting a glimpse of Santa riding in his sleigh. The parade kicks off with the sound of jingle bells and the sight of twinkling lights, spreading joy and holiday spirit to all who witness it.

Local businesses and organizations come together to create dazzling floats, each competing for the title of best in show. From elaborate designs to traditional holiday scenes, the creativity and effort put into each float is truly awe-inspiring. Marching bands from nearby schools fill the air with music, adding to the festive atmosphere of the event.

As the parade winds its way through downtown Pikeville, spectators can’t help but feel a sense of community and togetherness. The streets are filled with laughter and cheer, as friends and neighbors come together to celebrate the season. And when Santa finally arrives, waving to the crowd and spreading holiday cheer, there’s a collective sense of joy and happiness that fills the air.

After the parade comes to an end, the town square lights up with a dazzling display of Christmas lights and decorations. Families linger, enjoying hot chocolate and treats as they take in the beauty of the season. It’s a magical time for all, and one that brings the entire town together in celebration.

“Light Up Pikeville” and the Christmas Parade have become beloved traditions in the small town, marking the start of the holiday season with joy and excitement. It’s a time when the community comes together to celebrate, create memories, and spread festive cheer to all who visit.

Pikeville Small Town Christmas