Pikeville, Tennessee

Small Town Charm – Conceptional Design

The design of the 40-foot wall in downtown Pikeville, Tennessee, is an artistic masterpiece that showcases the small-town charm and unique character of the community. Nancy May, the talented artist behind the original hand-sketch, has taken into account various factors to ensure the artwork blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

The mural’s vibrant colors and intricate details have captivated the attention of passersby, who eagerly watch as the artwork gradually takes shape day by day. As the mural grows in size, it not only adds an element of intrigue to the town but also serves as a visual representation of the community’s unity and creativity.

The composition of the mural has been thoughtfully designed to reflect the demographics and aesthetics of the community. Nancy May has carefully considered the perspectives and preferences of the locals, aiming to create a visual masterpiece that resonates with everyone who lays eyes on it.

This design is more than just a simple artwork; it is a celebration of the history, culture, and spirit of Pikeville. The mural tells a story, weaving in elements that represent the town’s heritage and the warmth of its people. With each stroke of the brush and every color added, the mural becomes a testament to the uniqueness and individuality of Pikeville, Tennessee.

As the mural of the downtown wall continues to evolve, the anticipation in the community grows. The transformative power of art is evident in the way it revitalizes the area, inspires creativity, and creates a shared sense of pride among the residents. This colorful makeover of the wall is not just a visual enhancement but also a reflection of the heart and soul that make Pikeville, Tennessee, a truly remarkable place.

The Design Team

A Design Team was assembled to tackle the challenging task of bringing the design onto the wall. This team was crucial because they had to consider every aspect of how the mural would be perceived by viewers. They meticulously planned and visualized how the artwork would look from different angles and perspectives, ensuring that it would captivate audiences from all directions. They even took into account how the mural would appear to those passing by in a moving car, aiming to create an impact that could be appreciated even in a fleeting glance.

The design team proved to be instrumental in integrating the diverse talents of various artists involved in the project. Through their coordination and collaboration, they skillfully incorporated the work of multiple artists into the final design. Each member of the team brought a unique perspective and expertise to the table. From a keen eye for color and composition, to a  mastery of form and texture, to expertise in capturing intricate details – they all played a vital role in shaping the mural’s aesthetic.

The team comprised a diverse group of talented individuals, each contributing their own distinct skills and experiences. The members of the design team include: Ridinna Bernard, Kimmy Brown, Ruby Knight, Jeania Lansing, Nancy May, Nancy Parks, Sue Reinehr, Shayla Saunders, and Linda Waszak.

With the collective vision and expertise of each team member, the design team successfully overcame challenges and ensured that the mural would be a masterpiece to behold. Their unwavering dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and collaborative efforts breathed life into the design. As a result, the mural would not only be visually stunning but also evoke emotions, spark imagination, and inspire all who lay their eyes upon it.

Sketching the Mural

After the mural was sketched and approved by Mayor Cagle, the area was primed and ready to be painted, creating an air of excitement among the team involved in the project. The wall, a blank canvas, was eagerly awaiting its transformation into a work of art. To bring the mural to life, the design team began by meticulously chalking out the image onto the wall, ensuring every detail was accurately translated from the original design.

However, to ensure precision and accuracy, the design team sought the expertise of the Projector Crew, consisting of Jeannie Decker and Justin Thomas. Using a projector, they worked collaboratively with the design team to project the image onto the wall. This process proved to be a bit challenging as the image blurred and lost some clarity when it was expanded to fit the larger scale of the mural. Patience and determination were required to overcome this obstacle. 

Eventually, after numerous adjustments and fine-tuning, the image was successfully projected onto the wall at the correct size and placement. The design team, armed with drawing pencils, embarked on the next phase of the mural creation. With steady hands and an eye for detail, they began sketching out the outlines of the mural, carefully capturing the essence of the design.

This stage required skill and precision, as the pencil strokes defined the shapes and proportions that would ultimately come to life with vibrant colors. Each stroke carried a purpose, carefully mapping out the mural’s composition and ensuring that it aligned with the original design envisioned by the team.

As the design team worked tirelessly, inch by inch, the mural started to take shape. The rough sketches began to transform into recognizable forms, capturing the attention and imagination of all who witnessed this work in progress. Every stroke of the pencil became a building block toward the final masterpiece that would soon adorn the wall, leaving a lasting impression on the community.

Although still a work in progress, the mural was already becoming a testament to the collective creativity and dedication of all those involved. The sketches on the wall served as a glimpse into the future, promising a vibrant and visually stunning ode to art and community.

Watch the Progress…

The Pikeville Mural, situated downtown Pikeville alongside the Main Street Stage, has been capturing the attention and admiration of locals and visitors alike. Its progress can be witnessed firsthand on this page through the collection of photos below.

The response, thus far, has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous individuals making it a point to stop by and either inquire about the mural or simply appreciate its artistic beauty, on a daily basis when the design team is at work.

“This mural is bound to leave a lasting impact on Pikeville, serving as a testament to our small town’s artistic spirit and sense of community. It is truly incredible to witness the positive reception and genuine curiosity it has generated among people from all walks of life and across generations,” shared the Webmaster and Community Member, who also expressed their personal feedback about the project.

The Pikeville Mural continues to evolve, captivating hearts and minds along the way, and promises to be a treasured legacy for the vibrant community of Pikeville.