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What is a Water Pressure Regulator?
Many City of Pikeville water customers have water pressure regulators inside their homes.  This is often necessary due to the amount of water pressure in the water distribution system.  High pressure can be damaging to plumbing fixtures, so a regulator is needed to keep the pressure at a desirable level.  Water pressure regulators are owned by the property owner, who is responsible for maintaining it.
As pressure regulators age, water pressure inside the house often drops.  Customers who notice a drop in pressure may contact the Water Department.  A pressure gauge can be attached to an outside hose connection at the house to determine if water pressure is consistent with the water main serving the property.  If pressure is normal, the problem is often inside the customer’s property.  If a pressure regulator is in place, it may be malfunctioning.

Pressure Regulator
A pressure regulator, if present, will be found close to the customer’s main shut off valve, where the water service line enters the house (often in a basement).  A pressure regulator looks a little like a water meter, but there is no dial.  There will often be a screw on the end.  This is where adjustments can be made to the regulator, to raise or lower the water pressure inside the house.  Use caution when making adjustments using the adjustment screw!  Too much water pressure can cause problems with plumbing fixtures.

Faulty pressure regulators can be changed with similar tools as are needed to replace any residential plumbing fixture.  Customers who are hesitant to replace water pressure regulators are encouraged to contact their plumber for assistance.